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SuperCom - TCP/IP Data Communication Library

SuperCom is a universal data communication library. Using only few functions you already get a complete data communication program within few lines. SuperCom was from the beginning designed and developed having robustness and portability in mind.

Additional protocols are supported on top of TCP/IP e.g. MODBUS RTU, Modbus Master, Modbus Slave, S7 protocol, LSV2, Heidenhain Library. More technical information and samples can be found here for Modbus protocol. Technical information and API desctiprion and samples for controlling SIEMENS S7 PLC here.

The SuperCom for TCP/IP data communication library provides an optimized Data Communication Engine, which handles concurrent connections and event driven data communication. This efficient Data Communication Engine provides maximum functionality, reduced CPU load and low resource consumption. Hence, the SuperCom for TCP/IP library enables building solid high performance Client / Server applications with high throughput.

Event Driven Data Communication
With SuperCom there is no need to: continuous poll for data, check if your connection is closed, check if new connection established (client & server), network down/up, etc. If required, SuperCom will simply inform your application when data is available, a new connection is established, a connection is closed, network loss etc. And your application can perform anything it should be doing instead of waiting idle or even blocking.

Event Driven Data Communication with SuperCom can be more advantageous ensuring a smooth working application even with multiple concurrent connections.

Portable API
The easy to use and portable SuperCom API enables fast implementation of TCP/IP applications. A client or server application can be build in short time. Setting up connections and file transfer using standard protocols like ZMODEM is easily done. The event reporting mechanism and the background operation of most SuperCom functions generate a fast, responsive and rock solid application.

No matter how the application is transmitting data, SuperCom will always perform optimized TCP/IP data communication on multiple connections concurrently in background.

TCP Client or TCP Server Application
Anyone that worked with Window's sockets or some other third party library, knows very well how difficult this task can be. However, establishing many stable Concurrent Client Connections or building a Multithreading TCP Server application can be easily achieved using the SuperCom API. And, common to SuperCom: the whole data communication, even file transfer execute completly transparently in background - less thinks the application to be worry about. Many TCP Client / Server application examples for many compilers available.

A single application using SuperCom can run up to 255 connections concurrently (IPv4 and/or IPv6). Nearly any combination possible, for example 1 server that accepts up to 254 connections or up to 255 client connections to remote server or any other combination of client and server up to 255 connections per application. Many client/server sample applications included for C++, C#, VB net, Visual Basic, C++ Builder, Delphi incl. Embarcadero RAD Studio etc.

High-Speed TCP/IP Server you can rely on
The demands on an High-Speed TCP Server are very high. Many thinks to observe and especially to handle fast and concurrently without blocking the application nor Windows and especially without loss of data or connections. And this type of application are expected to be robust, maintenance-free and execute unattended.
When using the SuperCom for TCP/IP Library this job couldn't be easier. The short response timing and sensitivity of the SuperCom library allows controlling hundreds of connections concurrently and fast!

Many High-Speed TCP/IP Client / Server samples for various compiler already included.

Portable Protocols
The known standard protocols (ZMODEM, YMODEM, XMODEM, XMODEM-1K, KERMIT, Extended XMODEM, ASCII) are ready to run over a TCP/IP connection. The SuperCom ZMODEM implementation also includes special options for slow communication channels (high latency connections e.g. satelites or wireless).

With the SuperCom library each protocol can run on any established connection concurrently and in background. Queues of files to transfer are also possible to create and monitor (file-server etc.).

Sharing TCP/IP connections
SuperCom can (in most cases) use connections established by a third party library. Using a SuperCom TCP/IP connection with a third party libraries is usually possible. If you need to share a connection, please describe your environment in detail to confirm functionality.

One Library for many Compiler
Contrary to other libraries you get a versatile development library that is meant to be used by many Windows compiler and provides also many samples for the many well known compiler!

Small Footprint
Contrary to other libraries and development environments, the SuperCom for TCP/IP was designed and optimized especially for harsh environments and it therefore consumes relatively low resources and utilizes low CPU. This operating characteristics also result to a fast responsive and rock solid application. No need to limit your application to run on high-end machines only!

Intelligent Functions

SuperCom includes additional intelligent functions that solve lengthly or complex operations thus avoiding delaying or blocking of your application (e.g. Data Filtering, Data Monitoring, Data Trigger, Data Packets, File Transmission Queue). The result is a rock-solid solution developed much faster than with regular tools. More samples here.


More info on the SuperCom for TCP/IP Library, price list and order form.


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